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Rest in peace, Hadrienne Mendonsa.
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I belive it is Cody Headrick who is being charged with vehicular homicide. No data yet on if he was under some sort of influence, but theres speculation.

Deleted comment

No I will not vote, based on the fact you did this on a post dedicated to a girl who tragically died in a car wreck. Thank you for your time.


December 17 2005, 19:40:55 UTC 12 years ago

Hun. I'm sure they didn't mean anything by it. I'm sorry about your friend.
You "vomitting happy rainbows" when you waste space in your journal with threadless crap but when someone makes a asks for your vote you flip out?
One public post sets the bar for all content in this journal?

If he had asked, say, on the aforementioned Threadless post, I would have gladly voted. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.
Wow you sure are quite the dumb fuck, arnt you. Take your head out of your ass for a second and see shes not made cuzz he asked she made cuzz of where he asked.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Have some fucking respect for the goddamn dead.
She's DEAD.
And not "Oh I'm so sorry let me weep prettily then whore myself out for votes on some worthless capitalist system"
What the fuck is wrong with people?
Doesn't anyone have any respect?
Doesn't anyone have any shame?
hello laura. it's arick and i've made a new journal. add me back?